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23 November, 2009


The 3rd installment of Philadelphia's freshest dubstep party DO IT TO IT is about to go off this Friday November 27th. Expect bass as dark as the Friday it's held on from yours truely. The special guest this month will be Hot Pink Delorian.

16 November, 2009

Conscious Pilot Dubstep Radio?

Last night a friend from Buffalo, NY ironically nicknamed Soup (by definition, an unfortunate predicament) asked me why I never stream when I DJ from home. I guess I was just not yet ready for the commitment of my own radio show, practicing mixing and producing keeps me very busy outside of my 40 hour work week. Fortunately, Soup recommended as a means to stream less the obligation. I signed up for an account and was on my way in a matter of minutes. I linked friends via Myspace, Facebook, and AIM as the session warmed up, and before I knew it I had a busy chat room and dozens of listeners. Looking forward to making a scheduled stream, until then keep an eye out for the random invitation. Thanks to everyone who tuned in and helped out last night, was large! Now all i need is a webcam!

Check out my Ustream profile here:

10 November, 2009

Promo mix for Braptizm

Braptizm is a dubstep event in Harrisburg run by a good friend by the name of Ben Freeman. He's always done everything in his power to help spread the underground sound of the genre we all love so much, so I figured it would be nice to record a promotional mix for the party when he asked me to perform at it. The party went off, everyone had a blast, and Ben Freeman woke up the next day another year wiser.

Happy Birthday!

Download here:

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01. Bukez Finezt - Shut Up!
02. Envy - Pimp aint a Gangsta (South Bound Hangers Remix)
03. Hubsmoke - Fuck Da Police
04. Giant - Swoosh
05. Sukh Knight - Up In Smoke
06. Hulk - See You
07. Vista - Smart Bomb
08. Claw - Unamused
09. Conscious Pilot - How High
10. Vista - Melting Time
11. Total Recall - Ass Whompin'
12. Eddie K - Who's the Hardest
13. Mr.Boogie - Be Careful
14. Fused Forces - Open Space (Matt Green Remix)
15. Phokus - Hoovie
16. Mr Curtamos - TooManyMen RMX
18. Vista -The Phunk
19. Funtcase - Warning
20. Komonazmuk - Bad Apple
21. Von D - Bonda Love
22. Yong - Breathe
23. Submerse - Never Be Mine (ReSketch's Low n Below Refix)
24. Beatwise - Escalators
25. DRT - Rising Sun