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16 November, 2009

Conscious Pilot Dubstep Radio?

Last night a friend from Buffalo, NY ironically nicknamed Soup (by definition, an unfortunate predicament) asked me why I never stream when I DJ from home. I guess I was just not yet ready for the commitment of my own radio show, practicing mixing and producing keeps me very busy outside of my 40 hour work week. Fortunately, Soup recommended as a means to stream less the obligation. I signed up for an account and was on my way in a matter of minutes. I linked friends via Myspace, Facebook, and AIM as the session warmed up, and before I knew it I had a busy chat room and dozens of listeners. Looking forward to making a scheduled stream, until then keep an eye out for the random invitation. Thanks to everyone who tuned in and helped out last night, was large! Now all i need is a webcam!

Check out my Ustream profile here:

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