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16 June, 2011

June 8th 2011 Sub.FM Archive

- June 8th 2011 -

Conscious Pilot Dubstep Live in Session! The special guests for this show were Murdok (Bass Punch, Basstarded, Filthy Digital, Krypled Brain & Dub Cartel) and Mason (Gasm, P5, Freak, Metalheadz, It's Good Music)

Check Murdok out here:

Check Mason out here:

Every Other Wednesday at 4pm PST, 7pm EST, Midnight GMT on Sub.FM (New Guest DJ Every Show!)

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- Tracklisting -

Conscious Pilot:

DMZ - The Goat Stare
J:Kenzo - The Roteks
Void - Cimmerian Shade
Sleeper - Submerged
Vax - New Shit
Bukez Finezt - Moombox - Bombaman RMX
Requake - Apple Juice
Mr. Boogie - Orange Dust


joker - the vision
Curzed & Kromestar - Signs
Badklaat - Aku
Murdok - Raiden
Goth trad - two face
Everyman - rufeless
V - Face them
Meglodon & development - Everybody runs
Murdok - Pressure dub
Requake - Fatality
Disonata - sound killa
Fable - Dark planet vip
Vylex - Rec2
V - this day
Bukez finezt - spine chillin frog
Murdok - Destroy

Conscious Pilot:

Megalodon & Conscious Pilot Feturing Doctor - Like This
Supreme - ???
50 Carrot & D2 - Dark Side


Satisfaction' Party Monster
Animal (feat No Thing)' Antiserum
Bass Power v.4 (The Frim Remix)' Minnesota
Day After Day' Arkasia
Consumed' Party Monster
Ho! Riddim (Funtcase remix)' Del Horno & Marco v DJ Swerve ft. P Money
Dark Side' Diesel
Lootin' 92' SPL & 12th Planet
Bad Selection (Mars remix)' Afghan Headspin
Cinema (Skrillex remix)' Benny Benassi feat GARY GO
Do The Deal (P5 ARMY Rmx)' mLe & Mia (P5 ARMY RMX)
Good To Go' RUN DMT
G Steppa' Mason & Dstar
Know It All' ENDBOSS
Typhoon' Foreign Beggars ft. Chasing Shadows
Forever Young' Mason vs. Mr. Hudson

Next Sub.FM Radio Show is Wednesday June 22nd at 4pm PST, 7pm EST, Midnight GMT on Sub.FM w special guest Suga Shay (Hard Candy)
Check her out here:

We're also welcoming the show's very first ever guest MC! None other than Buddy Leezle [215:TFK (PHL & BK), GHK (ATX & SATX), & BROADY CHAMPS (ATL)]
Check him out here:

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