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26 August, 2011

[Philadelphia] Tonight is SubConscious @ Ruba Club w Conscious Pilot + more!



►►►► SubConscious Philadelphia ◄◄◄◄

414 Green St
Philadelphia, PA

Friday, August 26th
8:30 PM - 2:00 AM

A night of bass filled beats in Philly, for the subconscious minds who continue to push the boundaries of creative expression.

This event is a nod to some local DJ's who simply love music. Often times DJ's go unappreciated, underpaid or their voices are drowned out by the same 10 most popular national headliners that come around every 1-2 months. To show our appreciation to local artists who practice their skill and express their creativity with passion, 100% of the profits from 'SubConscious Philadelphia' will be passed down to the performing DJ's... the ones who make you dance, the ones who make you lose yourself in the moment, the ones who simply love music so much, they spend their time refining their skill, producing and performing. Thank you fellow Philly artists for doing what you do, and please come show your support so we can do this again soon with a whole other group of local talent. Lets pass along the bulk of the appreciation to the hands of where it belongs; not the venues or the promoters, but the artists themselves. You'd be surprised what creative minds have been right under our noses all along.

----------------♫♪-------- ------

CONSCIOUS PILOT (Sub.FM, Defcon, Play Me, Perk Recordings)
- ouspilotdubstep
- ciouspilotdubstep

Optimist Prime (Mista ChoZen / Wobblethrash)
- Dubstep

Sticky Data (Konkrete Jungle Philly, Lifted Soundstreams, Grimy Goblins)
- Drum & Bass, Drumstep

Tagz vs. Stizzy (Philth Feens)
- Dubstep

DJ Ha (HEDZUP, Learn)
- Dubstep




Ruba Club (right behind Silk City)
414 Green St
Philadelphia, PA 19123


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